Boxing Ring Chess™️ King v King™️ is LIVE on iOS and Android platforms as a prototype for investor review.
The King v. King™️ novelty is an unprecedented platform that will enable each member to customize their head—to—toe boxer stance figurine to compete at ‘chess’ inside a ‘boxing’ ring. Every family argues, therefore our brand caters to every home, while also pioneering a new global universitarian rivalry. Coach Hilario has participated in boxing and chess and possess’ an acute mastery in both sports. King v. King™️ marries both sports, while they remain individual entities thereof.

♟ Since the pandemic chess has piqued globally. King v. King™️ will increase family bond over topical and negative and video games that offer no time consumption investment value, over a long period. King v. King™️ has a unique time consumption investment unlike any other video game, while providing youth and families Olympic journeys in both sports. What is not being used or implemented is the King v. King™️ / Queen v. Queen™️ novelty to allow members to customize their head—to—toe movable shadowboxing King or Queen figurine to initiate or restore family bond in—house or abroad.

King v. King™️ / Queen v. Queen™️ offers the bullied, depressed, weight-loss clients and special crime victims a platform that redevelops their inner strengths, intimately and without any customary outside interferences that may otherwise influence them negatively. The customizable head—to—toe boxer stance figurine improves self—reflection that brings an immediate uncommon value to said party’s psychology and emotional aptitude and to offer their goal orientation a realistic future portrait [ in their King or Queen Boxing Ring Chess™️ figurine ]. Additionally, King v. King™️ / Queen v. Queen™️ also provides healthcare a cognitive enhancer for global neurology patients. 🥊

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Facts To Consider: A This chapter describes and provides reasons of how Boxiana and boxing arevery distinct. The title is called Boxing Residency ™️ because the sport ofboxing needs the multi-year pugilistic residency training to; 1. Boxiana Science maximizes the healthfulness of the pugilist during combat. 2. provide Boxiana Science academically as an educational syllabi…

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