Boxing Residency™️

Facts To Consider: A

This chapter describes and provides reasons of how Boxiana and boxing are
very distinct. The title is called Boxing Residency ™️ because the sport of
boxing needs the multi-year pugilistic residency training to; 1. Boxiana Science maximizes the healthfulness of the pugilist during combat. 2. provide Boxiana Science academically as an educational syllabi to properly cultivate and evolve pugilists in and out of ring. The Boxing Residency ™️ action-plan is to vie for accreditation for the Boxiana Science syllabi to be offered to qualified amateur pugilists and or reputable professional boxers to learn, rehearse and master Boxiana Science. In the exact model to surgeon residency training, including dormitory accommodations.

Coach Hilario teaches Boxiana Science; an amateur to 15Rounds professional boxing stages competition educational syllabi. Boxiana Science are mastery levels of boxing competition. Additional syllabus,’ are Spiritual cultivation, brand, marketing, financial and psychology development, as well as Boxing Ring Chess ™️ King v. King ™️ knowledge. For decades Hollywood hath reverberated the stereotypes of the pugilist not being educated, financially irresponsible and or spirals into post career destitution, amid health complications that continues to demote, the very fabric of boxing as a noble profession. The sport of boxing has always lacked the universal brick and mortar educational institution with Fistiana professors to rightfully be deemed a reputable entity. Boxing Residency ™️ transcends the sport of boxing into academic might because throughout history, boxing was considered a vocational weakness because Boxiana Science hath never been provided as an educational syllabi.

Facts To Consider: B

At first glance the competition formalities of chess appear basic, yet as one climbs
the ranks thereof, the infinity of tactical and comprehensive intricacies become
profoundly complex. The higher levels distinguishes discipline of preparatory,
patience and precision. The competition formalities of boxing also appear basic, at first glance, yet the synchronicities of Boxiana Science present an infinity of tactical and comprehensive intricacies that become profoundly complex. The higher levels distinguishes discipline of character, courage and competence.

Chess is intellectually physical. Boxing is physically intellectual. Both are applicable to every household because everyone is born with two fists, a mind and ambition.
Both are competed within a squared alphanumeric geography and have less than
eight artillery that transcend life and sport because their respective ordnance are
determined through dedication, motivation and resilience foremost. Proper
breathing patterns, ambidexterity and winner’s disposition can attain, control or
regain their combat tides.

Chess has a three-minute Blitz competition duration that is identical to the speed
and with impromptu expectancies of a singular boxing three-minute round
competition duration. Boxing’s storied 15Round duration resembles chess’ forty-
five-minute competition span.

Chess is king versus king, alongside their queens, as dominant. Boxing is king versus king, that recently included gladiatorial queens [ women boxing ]. In chess, the kings can not touch. In boxing, the kings try not to get touched. In chess, the king is shielded inside the healthfulness of individual weaponry applicability, functions, timing, planning and unique potent stratagem maneuverings, be it proactive or reactive. In boxing, the fluidity knowledge of boxing’s infinite science shields the king inside the healthfulness of said science’s individual offensive and defensive weaponry applicability, functions, timing, planning and unique potent stratagem maneuverings, be it proactive or reactive.

In both battlefields, the skillful engineer may secure the triumph at any point and
or, at the brink of destruction, the most resilient warrior can be resurrected,
through their learned, rehearsed and mastered wisdom. Although, Biblical discernment in both, supersedes all. In their existence, neither have garnered the totality of the integrity, education and mastery that both demand from their practitioners and insiders. This all changes by the end of this executive summary, we are calling Boxing Residency™️


This chapter is a case study that highlights various factual accounts, that have not been an educational chronology and or journalism discernments in boxing and sports history thus, it needs to become mainstream awareness to assemble a global collaborative reform, regarding the following. Herein, we introduce our existing campaigns and their methodologies to enact necessary measures that will manifest such entities. First, we reevaluate the career of the world’s most popular boxer and athlete, while validating said career have always been a detraction thereof, with uncommon factors that proves our case, irrefutably. Secondly, we illustrate that boxers who master Boxiana Science were and are shielded inside healthfulness, during combat.

Whereby, sustains the pugilist’s vitality, career longevity and for one to live healthy lives post career. Whereupon, establishes and substantiates the educational and financial infrastructure to enact Boxing Residency ™️; as an accredited Boxiana Science syllabi will subsequently navigate boxing towards Ivy League standards, as a noble gladiatorial science. Thirdly, we educate readers and researchers how the physical contact of boxing competition is not guilty and did not cause the deaths of four pugilists in 2019, while they competed in their respective professional bouts. Fourthly, we highlight our existing campaign that includes forming the first-ever professional boxing unification and pension plan for reputable pugilistic career, conduct and mastery. The fifth scope are the pathways to manifest the aforementioned, are through a pioneering software technology that creates variously valuable business methodologies for boxing, boxers and buyer-to-seller transparency thereof.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Boxing Residency ™️ ?

The highest majority of professional boxing historically, globally, have never been a career-long university educational syllabi [ CLUES ™️ ] to maximize the pugilist’s combat comprehension for competition competence [ CCCC ] inside healthfulness to enhance life preservation during combat whereby, simultaneously enhances career longevity. Boxing Residency ™️ reflects surgeon residencies in the totality of providing dormitory accommodations to qualified amateur boxers and or enrolled professional pugilists to learn, rehearse and master Boxiana Science. In addition to, learning various levels of psychology, with applicable life transcending Biblical knowledge, brand development, marketing and financial prowess.

The science of boxing must be taught and cultivated properly to increase positive muscle memory during battle that aligns with the synchronicities in boxing science, for the mind, body and psychology to have and sustain proactive and reactive impromptu fluidity. Whereby, shields the pugilist inside healthfulness. Boxiana Science is an uncommon mastery that are advanced levels of boxing competition. Boxiana Science is best observed when the infinite science of boxing is performed by combatting pugilists, whom are cultivated by a group of fistic engineers [ three to four educators to one pugilist ]. Wherein, they collectively provide angular growth to achieve malleability that maximizes strategic interests to broaden the pugilist exponentially [ not the customary one trainer per pugilist ]. Boxiana Science is a collective of infinite maneuvers that when each practitioner strikes, said adversaries have variously valuable consistent windows of opportunities and choices to offset one another. The sport of boxing is commonly viewed as two boxers whom, are taught by one trainer and thereby appear topical in brand and become increasingly limited within their in-ring capacities.

Will my investment provide commodity solutions and have
social impact ?

This 18K word document is an executive summary of Boxing Residency’s ™️ educational syllabi principles and formulation methodologies within the umbrella of the unprecedented Boxing Ring Chess ™️ Software Technology. Boxing Residency ™️ provides investor review further uncommon healthfulness necessities that boxing overall has never incorporated within academia, that provides valuable and immediate competition safety needs. Thus, highlights said business’ objectives, authenticity and valuation to gravitate visionary investors.

Will you need government education approval, community,
business support ?

We plan to magnify Boxing Residency’s ™️ literary and video chronology of various pugilists’ career ascensions. We will then submit a docu-series of Boxiana Science’s career-long university educational syllabi [ CLUES ™️ ] to our city and state’s health and education boards to review authenticity for accreditation [ as a higher learning Boxiana Science mastery collective ]. 

The Boxiana Science habeas corpus occurs when Boxing Residency ™️ is a legislated
accredited syllabi that when cultivated accurately and rehearsed academically, said
science synchronizes offensive and defensive mastery. Wherein, shields the practitioner inside healthfulness, maximumly. Insofar, when the devotion and continuity of said science are administered righteously as a career-long university educational syllabi [CLUES ™️ ] the boxer increases malleability thus, releases the confinement of said science to transcend into a customary global educational mastery. Whereupon, enhances said science’s public perception, as a noble profession.

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