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As of 4 Jan 2021, we are introducing Boxing Residency™️.

Boxing Residency™️ introduces and produces intricate boxing science synchronicities safety measures [ BSSSM ] that derive from the boxing life-span and professorial comprehension of Coach Hilario. Mr. Hilario having been raised in the world renowned Petronelli Athletic Club in Brockton MA  traveled interstate on the east coast of the United States for [ his own ] amateur boxing competition, sparring with a diverse group of professional pugilists that traveled interstate or internationally, for twenty years. The Petronelli AC, throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s was a marquee training facility because of the dominant, lineal, global and uninterrupted middleweight reign of the 1980’s boxing King; Marvelous Marvin Hagler.   

This training camp had many sparring scrimmages that could have easily passed as fighting exhibitions. In addition to later being a Boxiana educator with responsibilities, as a chief second, to maximumly safeguard pugilists. Mr. Hilario has not encountered parts of and or the totality of said educational methodologies outlined in Boxing Residency™️.     

Coach Hilario’s Boxiana Science educational principles are centered on safeguarding the boxer’s brain during all levels of preparatory periods to maximumly enable the pugilist’s combat fluidity engagements to flow rhythmically. While maximizing the boxer’s best physical attributes. Whereupon, produces adaptive, proactive and reactive responses. Hereat, said increases cultivate the pugilist’s competition competence, thus refines pugilistic malleability. Whether it is for the standard [ 3 ] two-minute amateur competition rounds duration and or throughout the professional levels of 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 and [ 15 ] rounds competition duration. The care to safety details, efficiency and sincerity to carry said safety methodologies and the enforcements thereof, unilaterally have never been carried out [ in regards to being an erected brick and mortar traditional collegiate institution, that provides boxing science as legislated accredited courses ].

Boxing Residency™️ also highlights each sparring scrimmage and competition on an intellectual formality that involves a brain-trust of three to four boxing educators, per fighter. The United States amateur and professional boxing commission members and their participating [ ringside physicians ] have not protected pugilists to these exponential degrees, to date. Moreover, no such institution has been publicly documented in other countries [ of an actual learning institution with a definite chief aim to preserve the boxer’s brain, by safeguarding their healthfulness career-long, through an infinite educational boxing science syllabi ].   Once the pugilistic malleability is attained within a consistent discipline of clean living, dedication, educational continuity and respectful match-making. The boxer’s safety during combat increases maximally and their chances to incur short or long-term injuries reduce astronomically.

By and large, Coach Hilario attests [ and has interviewed many boxer’s and trainers that confirm  ] safety measures and educational parameters to safeguard the pugilist’s brain are utterly not [ a ] common practice [ in boxing, outside the traditional usage of boxing headgear, protective mouthguard and groin protector ]. By and large sparring glove ounces and hand-wrapping procedures are not inspected during preparatory periods, as they are with critical detail at the live competition. The healthfulness necessities outlined in Boxing Residency’s™️ Executive Summary details monumental facts and evidentiary specificities that have not been offered to the boxer in a single brick and mortar collegiate-type institution that ensures preserving the boxer’s career life-span within an infinite boxing science education syllabi.  

The aforementioned are a synopsis of the synchronizations of boxing science when taught and managed wisely can open a variableness of safety efficiencies that have otherwise been erroneously promoted as deficiencies, due to poor methodologies of an array of topical and insincere [ boxing ] trainers, who by and large operate indiscriminately. In addition to inept journalists, boxing commentators and even pugilists with limited boxing comprehension.

Hollywood has amassed countless miss-portrayals depicting boxing motion pictures, as crude. The Rocky collective leads the way and now the Creed installments continue to reverberate said miss-portrayals. The ongoing miss-assessments of the career of Muhammad Ali, who incurred career-long health erosion and ultimately long-term neurological symptoms [ post-career ] because said pugilist did not learn and or mastered the science of boxing [ career-long ] as a healthfulness investment syllabus. Thus, said career continues to mislead global households, schools and healthcare. Whereby, significantly detracts boxing in said three realms. These false assessments erroneously spread that boxing is ‘dangerous,’ have traveled over seven decades, concurrently. Mr. Ali’s career continues to demote the very fabric of boxing’s science nobility and healthfulness thereof.  Boxing Residency ™️ can and will begin to correct and navigate the narrative.

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For the first time in history my boxing and chess competition comprehension has married both sports to produce the Boxing Ring Chess ™️ Software. Boxing Ring Chess ™️ is traditional chess inside a boxing ring. Boxing Ring Chess ™️ is available on iOS and Android platforms as a functional prototype for investor review. Our goals are to introduce boxers and chess practitioners Boxing Ring Chess’ ™️ King v. King ™️ novelty. Elite boxers and chess grandmasters need to learn how King v. King™️ is an innovative 24-HR Sport Marketing Engine that will navigate their brand, image and fights into more homes, globally. King v. King ™️ also opens a new market for B2B promotions, provides a variableness of employment, social impact, and innovative education and preparation for both sports. King v. King ™️ is a unique platform that keeps clients connected to the upcoming boxing and or chess pay per view. We need your help to create the King v. King™️ website. Email us what capacity you would like join King v. King™️ and or simply donate to our website formation as a genuine act to help us offer King v. King™️ to the world. Whereupon, will improves boxing and chess’ education, business and brand awareness. Sincerely, Coach Hilario founder, owner, designer, author and educator of all Boxing Ring Chess™️ entities.

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