Why Partner w/ Boxing Ring Chess ™️

The Netflix REPORT on 23 November 2020 announced a significant chess boom.  

  • The Queen’s Gambit novel is now on The New York Times bestseller list – 37 years after its release; 
  • Google search queries for chess have doubled while searches for “how to play chess” have hit a nine-year peak;
  • Inquiries for ‘chess sets’ on eBay are up 250% and Goliath Games says its chess sales have increased over 170% ; and
  • The number of new players has increased five fold on Chess.com. 

The conversation around the show has also led to significantly higher interest in next year’s World Championship, according to the International Chess Federation. 

Published by CoachHilario

For the first time in history my boxing and chess competition comprehension has married both sports to produce the Boxing Ring Chess ™️ Software. Boxing Ring Chess ™️ is traditional chess inside a boxing ring. Boxing Ring Chess ™️ is available on iOS and Android platforms as a functional prototype for investor review. Our goals are to introduce boxers and chess practitioners Boxing Ring Chess’ ™️ King v. King ™️ novelty. Elite boxers and chess grandmasters need to learn how King v. King™️ is an innovative 24-HR Sport Marketing Engine that will navigate their brand, image and fights into more homes, globally. King v. King ™️ also opens a new market for B2B promotions, provides a variableness of employment, social impact, and innovative education and preparation for both sports. King v. King ™️ is a unique platform that keeps clients connected to the upcoming boxing and or chess pay per view. We need your help to create the King v. King™️ website. Email us what capacity you would like join King v. King™️ and or simply donate to our website formation as a genuine act to help us offer King v. King™️ to the world. Whereupon, will improves boxing and chess’ education, business and brand awareness. Sincerely, Coach Hilario founder, owner, designer, author and educator of all Boxing Ring Chess™️ entities.

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